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Within this portal discover wisdom and teachings to support you in Sovereignty as you move forward in a new and ever-changing world

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WGW Membership Portal is for Spiritual Adventurers to explore and engage with clear, grounded teachings in an inspiring refuge away from the hurry and stress of a world in meltdown. 

WGW Silver Membership: $8 a Month*

For just AU$2 a week receive partial access with the option to cancel anytime. Special Silver yearly option below!  *Billed half-yearly – $48 / 6 months. 

WGW Gold Membership: $15 a Month*

For the cost of just two coffees a month get access to ALL the content you need to support you on your journey towards profound wellness in mind, body and soul. *Billed half-yearly – $90 / 6 months. Check out the Gold Membership Special below

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WGW Membership

Our library is brimming with fantastic content to inspire and elevate you. Move through the material at your own pace – there’s no pressure to attend when you are extra busy. The content is always there waiting for when you are ready to expand your consciousness and growth.

Teachings include video, audio, visuals, articles, checklists, workbooks and much, much more. You’re sure to find your style. 

Discover your tribe as you connect with a like-minded community seeking to expand their vision and generate personal alchemy for greater creative power and wellness. 

Private online expansion portal

Meet a supportive community in the forums and connect with other seekers and Spiritual Adventurers.  Nurture wellness, amplify intuition, develop mastery, generate sovereignty and navigate challenges. Above all, go at your own pace.


Online library

Access an archived online library containing an extensive range of content and topics including articles, video, audio, meditations, teachings, soul tools, mini-courses, masterclasses, workbooks, exercises, inspirational art and much more.

Exclusive Content

Receive fresh inspirational daily content for wisdom and wellness. Plus get a huge bonus content bundle four times a year. 

All content is archived in private portal.

Supportive community forum

Create sacred space within and break apart limiting beliefs.  Play in a refuge away from the hurry and stress of the world.

Extra Forums are included for Gold Members.

Join us in our Content Vault

The WGW community is based in a collective energy of balance, respect, creativity and growth. In this peaceful portal Spiritual Adventurers can explore and engage with clear, grounded teachings to shape their Mastery. 

As a WGW Silver member all this is yours at the regular price of $8/mth or get FULL Access as a WGW Gold member for $15/mth 

Or grab our YEARLY SPECIALS for a 20% DISCOUNT



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