All wisdom lies within. You already know all the answers.


We each hold a deep wisdom which we’ve gathered through time.

When we forget we lose our connection to Higher Self. We doubt our intuitive wisdom and become caught up in the turbulence.

As we enter the realm of awareness we reclaim authentic power over our destiny.





Wisdom lies within you

Engage with your inner knowing to find fulfilment


A Message From Catherine


I guide women back to their true authentic self.


The truth is you have all the wisdom you’ll ever need to take ownership of your destiny.


I’ve been inspired by lifetimes of great curiosity, seeking truth and finding my way back to authentic power through awareness. Now I want to guide others on their journey along that path.

I support you and hold space to tune in, allow insights, and develop trust, so that guided by your unique wisdom you become aware of your one true door of destiny.

With a grounded method that blends mystical awareness with traditional medicine I help you unlock your unique soul wisdom for powerful results.


I’d be honoured to support your journey to

Soul Empowered Wellness on all levels –

body, emotions, mind and spirit.





Let me guide you to flourish and powerfully create a soul-satisfying life by reconnecting with your deep wisdom.

woman get wise next step



No matter where you are on your spiritual journey connect with Catherine for support and guidance as you empower your mystical journey.


  • Align with the natural cycle of the year at Seasonal Workshops
  • TuneIn and TuneUp your intuition at weekend workshops
  • Support your Soul Journey as you create Conscious Self-Care on live-in retreats
  • Create Soul-Empowered Wellness in whichever aspect of your life is ailing – health, wealth, relationships, self-care, spiritual practice – when you work one-on-one with Catherine. It’s all about Wellness.


Meditation classes coming soon….


If you can’t wait follow me on facebook or apply to join the Woman Get Wise Facebook Group so you can get started straight away.



Catherine is a real renaissance woman. She has a t gift for seeing the whole picture and then helping you to piece everything together enabling you to make dramatic changes with just a few simple and easy shifts in perspective. She has been invaluable.

Cyndi Bates


“The connection and safeness Catherine created for the Feminine Wisdom Circle carried through to embrace and support the group. I really liked the way Catherine adapted her practice to meet the needs of the group. I gained so much insight, support, positivity and love within this circle.”    

Kate Batchelor


I went to Catherine to find joy and happiness in all aspects of my life and she provided me with the tools and strength to do just that. She was kind, always understanding, easy to open up and speak with. Now I feel stronger in myself, and I feel I can always find happiness when I want to.

Gabby Mello


I’m absolutely amazed with what I have achieved and the shift that has happened. I feel empowered and inspired to continue my journey. Catherine is very passionate and has gently but steadily guided me through the process and wow what a process!! I highly recommend it to anyone ready to have a closer look at their life.