All wisdom lies within

You already have all the answers you seek

Learning to use our intuition is now more important than it has ever been before. You already know all the answers.


Developing your intuition is the key to creating a powerful and soul satisfying life.

You came into life fully equipped with the tools YOU need to create a life of fulfillment. Your intuition is your inner guidance, your own personal GPS to help you navigate life challenges. Everything you need is there and you have the key. Now it’s just a matter of unlocking it.

Within each of us there is a deep wisdom gathered through time. This is the wisdom that helps you find meaning in life, find fulfillment, and find joy. You already know the answers you’re looking for, the truth, but all too often it gets lost in mind chatter and logic.Too often your personality overrules your intuition causing you to doubt the messages you receive.

When you lose that connection and no longer trust your intuition you become stuck in ill-health, emotional turmoil or locked-down thoughts and reasoning.

Everyone can connect to Source energy, their Higher Self, it’s just a matter of practice. When you connect with Source energy you connect with your wisdom. Tuning into Source energy provides you with a firm footing to negotiate life’s ups and downs.



Wisdom lies within you. 

It’s time to engage and use your inner knowing to find fulfilment.

Hello & Welcome


I’m Catherine Bullard.

I’ve spent most of my lifetime questioning my intuition and hesitating to rely on it. Simply because I lacked the tools and experience to tell the difference between information from Source and information filtering through ego.

But I discovered simple tools to help me distinguish between truth coming from my Higher Self and thoughts. Now I can recognise the difference and know when to trust the intuitive messages I receive.

I’d love to teach you what I discovered.



Let me guide you to flourish and powerfully create a soul-satisfying life by reconnecting with your intuition and wisdom.

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No matter where you are on your spiritual journey connect with Catherine at  Woman Get Wise for the spiritual tools you need to support and guide you.

  • The Divine Feminine Wisdom Circle provides time-out from your busy life, in a sacred space where you can reconnect to your inner wisdom.
  • Woman Get Wise Course connects you with the eight cornerstones of Spiritual Connection required for the firm foundation you need to fulfill your soul purpose.
  • Dance Of Life Course takes you on the journey of the zodiac to discover which archetypes rule your life.
  • Work one-on-one with Catherine in alignment with your true values to find your passion, purpose and fulfillment, using your intuition to guide you.

More information coming soon….


But if you can’t wait follow me on facebook or apply to join the Woman Get Wise Facebook Group so you can get started straight away.



Catherine is a real renaissance woman. She has a real gift for seeing the whole picture and then helping you to piece everything   together enabling you to make dramatic changes with just a few simple and easy shifts in perspective. She has been invaluable.

Cyndi Bates


“The connection and safeness Catherine created for the Feminine Wisdom Circle carried throughout the evening to embrace and support the group. I really liked the way Catherine adapted her practice to meet the needs of the group. I gained so much insight, support, positivity and love within this circle.”    

Kate Batchelor


I went to Catherine to find joy and happiness in all aspects of my life, and she provided me with the tools and strength to do just that. She was kind, always understanding, easy to open up and speak with. Now I feel stronger in myself, and I feel I can always find happiness when I want to.

Gabby Mello


I’m absolutely amazed with what I have achieved and the shift that has happened. I feel empowered and inspired to continue my journey. Catherine is very passionate and has gently but steadily guided me through the process and wow what a process!! Can highly recommend it to anyone ready to have a closer look at their life.

Kirsten Casey