About Catherine Bullard


              & how I serve you…


Natural Health Practitioner, Women’s Awareness Coach and Wholistic Wellness Educator



I guide women through the transitions of midlife to access their higher wisdom, clarity and courage.

We work together to strengthen their connection with Source energy for greater Wisdom, Wholeness and Wellbeing.


I utilise a multi-faceted approach to stimulate their Spiritual growth and self-healing which includes Awareness Coaching, homeopathy, Homeobotanicals, flower essences, and nutritional and lifestyle advice.

This combination is a powerful catalyst for creating

  • refined spiritual engagement
  • better health
  • deeper relationships
  • greater prosperity
  • career advancement


I get results in:

  • heightened awareness
  • greater focus
  • more confidence
  • deeper insights
  • increased energy
  • reduced pain
  • less anxiety
  • better sleep

which allows my clients to live more fully and authentically in wholeness.


My Story:


I was once a doubter.


I had always received powerful intuitive messages. But once I left the unquestioning innocence of childhood I questioned how I could possibly know things that I wasn’t educated or trained in, or had never experienced.

So I allowed my Lower Mind to cast doubt on all the wisdom and insights I received, and soon I stopped following their guidance. I rarely acted on the messages and lived in a constant state of self-doubt and indecision.


I began to notice that some of the messages were absolutely right (even if I hadn’t acted on them). Often messages I received for friends were power-filled for them although they meant nothing to me. I soon began to realise I just ‘knew’ things. But still I often doubted them.

Then one day I received a crystal pendulum. So learnt how to use it and began to dowse all the insights I received. Every time I received an intuitive flash, I’d check with my pendulum whether to act on it.

Slowly I began to listen to my intuition and act on the answer it gave. Where I didn’t trust myself, I did trust my pendulum. Until one amazing day I realised I was ‘feeling’ the answer in my body before my pendulum even started moving.

I knew the time had come when I had to trust myself and the messages I was receiving from my Higher Self, from Source Energy.



I trust my intuition completely. I know it brings wisdom from my Highest Self and I always act upon it. Life’s become much easier as I no longer procrastinate over decisions. It’s easy to trust my inner wisdom to make life choices, secure in the understanding that this is how to engage with Source Energy.

Now I have a powerful kit of Alchemical Tools to support me through the turbulent patches of this life journey. As I venture deeper into an exploration of my whole self, to face fear and return to Wholeness, I’ve realised my true purpose is to support and guide others as they also make this journey.

This is me…


I help you use your wisdom for transformation and self-healing.

I support you as you face your Shadow to regain Wholeness.


My Mission


Train others to trust their intuition

Support others to live in fearless trust knowing they are a Divine Spark of the Creative Force

Help others become centred in their intuitive strength

Teach others to use their inner wisdom to guide their life choices

Assist others to an understanding that destiny is self-created

Encourage others to seek their authentic power


I work best with women who


Love taking responsibility for all their stuff

Are willing to examine their hidden aspects to find wholeness

Are ready to live in their Authentic Spiritual Power

Desire to make a difference and fulfil their purpose

Are willing to invest the energy to engage fully with Source Energy


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My Training


Here is all the left-brain stuff.


Women’s Spiritual Journey Facilitator

  • Red Tent Facilitator
  • Women’s Rites Of Passage Facilitator

Natural Medicine Practitioner (Homeopath) & Founder of Nàdurra Wellness

Reiki Practitioner

Mystical & Life Coach

Flower Essences


Medical Intuition

Bachelor Education

My curiosity and huge love of learning has led me to study far more without full certification. This includes EFT, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Energy Healing, Dowsing and Numerology.

I’ve run many courses including ‘Homeopathy For Home & Family’, Psychic Development, Strengthening Intuition, Spiritual Business. I hold space for Women’s Circles. I’m the facilitator of a Practitioner’s Networking and Support Group. I studied to be a high school teacher and still love teaching, sharing, learning and inspiring others to discover and grow for themselves.

I’m currently registered with Australian Homeopathic AssociationAustralian Register of Homeopaths


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The Interesting Stuff


I have a Gemini Sun and Capricorn Ascendant. My Numerology Life Path is 3 – The Catalyst /Creative.

I love mountain tops and forests; trees and flowers give me joy; my favourite colour is green; I’m mum to four beautiful, incredible, and creative guys; I live surrounded by bush, birds and wildlife. I paint, stitch and garden and adore perfumed flowers and my gorgeous loving dog.