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Catherine Bullard

Catherine Bullard

Holistic Health Practitioner

I’m a Wholistic Health Practitioner (Homeopath) with over twenty years experience and knowledge. My holistic method of working comes from an understanding that illness arises from an energetic imbalance which manifests on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Using a grounded, No-BS approach and traditional medicine I allow your body symptoms to guide me to an individual treatment plan for the best positive health outcomes. My multi-faceted approach stimulates self-healing on all levels to powerfully catalyse a shift to better health and greater wellness on all four levels. 

Through Quantum Awareness Coaching I guide Spiritual Adventurers to deepen their personal and metaphysical experience as they uncover, explore and develop their Metaphysical gifts for greater awareness, empowerment, clarity and growth.

I am honoured to bring my experience, training and wisdom, along with a deep curiosity about the nature of existence to the WGW Membership Community. I hope that within this peaceful portal we can support each other to understand the ‘What, Why and How’ of true authentic power and apply it in our lives.

  • Natural Health Consultation, grounded in Homeopathy
  • Quantum Awareness Coaching 
  • Wholistic Wellness Workshops 


Location: Consultations and Coaching sessions – online and via phone. 

Workshops – online & on location in Melbourne, Australia

I believe that every individual has infinite potential, which remains undiscovered while the past overshadows the present. We are amazing and unique beings with a definite purpose and when the clouds of uncertainty are swept away the possibilities are limitless. The joy of watching a person rediscover their own power touches my soul every time.

My Soul Mastery Program is a unique and individual approach to gaining insight into the influences that impact confidence and to provide appropriate skills and practices that align to inner truth.

I have worked with the holistic approach to life for 50 years, starting in the UK as a teacher and counsellor. I am passionate about the empowerment of the individual with each of my modalities reflecting that.

I was instrumental in creating a charitable organisation based around this approach in the UK, specifically through treatment and training. We received Government Funding to deliver support services in prisons and in a community regeneration project, working with underprivileged individuals. This led to my husband and myself working internationally.

  • Create and deliver accredited courses in Personal Growth, Natural Health and Healing, Metaphysics, Spiritual Approach to Empowered Living and Career Related programs.
  • Meditation Facilitator 
  • Psychoneuroimmunology consultations – mind/body link and integrative management of conditions
  • Soul Mastery Program
  • The Purple Dragonfly, a natural therapy centre in Warrandyte, Victoria, Australia, 3113 
  • Director of The Oak Tree Organisation Australia, a not-for-profit training organization.


Shop products are available Australia wide by post. 

Sessions are available via phone or Zoom. 

Some courses are available as distance learning via Zoom.

Website: &


Phone: +61 3 9844 5294

Nini Beltran-Bullard

Nini Beltran-Bullard

UX Designer and Tattoo Artist

I might seem like a jack of all trades, but I’m really a specialist. I specialize in tattooing, branding and user experience design —this is what I’m best at. I went to school for Electronics and Communications Engineering, and yes, I have dabbled with Electronics and IT Support, but I found my calling.

User Experience Design (Website) and Tattooing are similar in a way.
Both are collaborative processes, between the artist and the client.  I find out what the Client wants and needs, and I provide solutions on how to achieve it with the best results.

  • User Experience Design (Web)
  • Logo and Branding Guidelines
  • Tattooing/Semi Permanent Make up


Phone Number: (VN) +84 34 5717260 

Location: Consultations and Website (Online Work)

Tattoo: Hanoi, Vietnam

I was given the name Gentle Heart during a naming initiation ceremony when I was in my 20’s. I embrace this and work from the heart with gentleness. Mother Teresa in her many writings talks about working from the heart – if it does not feel right in the heart, it is not right. This gentle heart approach underpins all the work I undertake and I also embed it in my team.

I have been gifted ancient ways of healing and reading through walkabout during my extensive training with elders. As an Indigo Master and Star Seed I channel my readings from my guides, masters and ancient wisdoms.

I lead the Groove & Co team of multi-modal therapists who assist others to find their groove. Our motto is ‘Walk Your Talk’ and own who you are. My team offers a range of services to empower you to find your groove and bring out your best.

Within the team I bring my expertise and experience with card readings, crystal therapy, hug-therapy, movement therapy, counselling and massage to create magic in your body, that aligns you to walk in your Groove. I also offer training and supervision to alternative medicine practitioners and councillors in a range of subjects.

I have stepped into my power and I am ready to help you step into yours.

I am trained in Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Hug Therapy, Counselling, An Mo massage and Teaching. I am a Labyrinth Facilitator and Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project™ which I have delivered internationally.




Sessions are available online, by phone or in person in Aldinga, South Australia. 

Email for further information and a list of courses and services



Phone: +61 430 392 244

Kim Adele

Kim Adele

Gentle Heart Journey Guide

Sandy King

Sandy King

Intuitive Guidance Facilitator

I have learnt, through personal experience, how important it is to listen to our body, understanding what messages are being brought to us through the symptoms, sensations and emotions we feel. This sensitivity has helped me to work towards better physical and mental health.

As a Pellowah Practitioner, an Oracle Card and Runes reader, I work on an energy level and may be able to help others pave their path to understanding the apparent obstacles they face. In unpacking what feels heavy in our energy field, and taking the positive benefits from those experiences, clients are often able to turn their life around with love and gratitude.

I enjoy helping others find their way as they begin their own spiritual journey.

  • Pellowah Healing Sessions
  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Runes Readings
  • All offered in person or remotely


Phone Number: (AUS) +61 458 472 470

Location: Online OR Melbourne, Australia (in person)


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