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SUNDAY 14TH APRIL  –  9am – 5pm

Listen To Your Body      Fine Tune Awareness

Connect And Rebalance Body & Soul

Do you feel…

  • Life’s so busy there’s never any time for you
  • Frustrated, stiff and sore, like your body’s letting you down
  • Uncertain, so question or doubt your decisions
  • Held back by past memories
  • Exhausted by life’s responsibilities
Join us for a whole day

♥  J U S T   F O R   Y O U  ♥

To ground yourself back into your body & reconnect with your wisdom
  • Connect body, heart and soul through movement
  • Relax, release tension, and calm your nervous system
  • Discover chakra wisdom
  • Access & trust your intuitive knowledge with laser-focus
  • Release deep-seated patterns of trauma or tension held in the body

Come away feeling

♥  Relaxed    ♥  Inspired    ♥  Confident     ♥  Empowered


☆  Chakra Workshop                                                              ☆  Dru Yoga Session

☆  Intuitive Precision Workshop                                           ☆  TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Workshop


WHEN             Sunday 14th April

WHERE          Eltham Living & Learning Centre, Victoria

TIME               9am – 5pm

COST              $139

Vegetarian lunch is included

Parking on site

☆  Three experienced practitioners to guide you to greater body wisdom and wellbeing through different but interconnected perspectives

Reserve Your Place For This Excellent Workshop

All the details and bookings are on the event page…or message me with your questions


Due to Covid-19 Travel Restrictions there are currently NO Woman Get Wise Retreats Scheduled

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