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Wise Woman Awaken Retreat

18th – 23rd August 2018

The real journey in life is the one within – the journey to your authentic self.


Are you a Soul Warrior on a quest for Wholeness of body, mind, emotions and spirit?

✮ Break apart limitation

✮ Release what no longer serves you

✮ Activate inner wisdom

✮ Reclaim your authentic personal power

✮ Create wholeness of body, emotions, mind & spirit

Join us for our Wise Woman Awaken Retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s Heart of Healing to Tune In, Clear Out and Power Up.


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Sacred Women’s Circle

Wednesday 24th October,  7pm – 9.30pm


“Listen sisters, for she calls for you.
Beckoning you deep within to bathe in your truths.
Listen to her drum beat, for it is the beating of your own heart.
Listen to her whispers, for they are the longing in your soul.”


In this safe and nurturing space take time out from your busy life to reconnect with your inner wisdom and receive guidance.


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