Forum Guidelines

For many Spiritual Adventurers the journey can get pretty lonely. They often don’t know anyone else who is also on the same path, and long for someone to share their insights, discoveries and growth with.

Journeys are always much richer when they’re shared with fellow travelers, and here in this community you’ll find other like-minded souls who are also looking for their soul companions.

The place to meet up is in The Forum

The Forum is a place for sharing ideas and experiences. It’s THE PLACE to ask questions and explore ideas and practices.

And it’s also the place where you can give back to others.


Sovereign Participant

Be clear about what you want

If you want to share, and just be *listened* to, without advice back, say so.

If you want to hear other peep’s wisdom, experience and advice, say so.

Ask for what you want, and listen to what other’s want.

And forgive each other when we forget to this.

Unconditional Acceptance

The forums are an online message board. But below the surface the VIP Membership is sacred space – a place for souls to come together, connect, engage with the divine in others and experience the divine in themselves.

Miscommunications can happen, especially over an electronic medium.

But please approach others participating in the forums with respect.

Find the place within that loves and accepts yourself and others unconditionally.

This is a place to foster compassion, love and awareness in our connections.

Respect Others Confidentiality

Everything shared here in Forum is confidential. This is the ONLY way it becomes an extremely useful, powerful and transformative tool for growth.

Do not reprint, repost, use, or share anything someone else has posted or commented outside WGW VIP Membership unless you have their express written permission.

This is so we all feel absolutely safe in sharing deeply and honestly here.

A note about privacy

Your Content Is Private & Only Viewable By WGW VIP Members.

All content within the Membership Portal is private and can be viewed only by registered members. None of the content here is indexed by or searchable through any search engine. The general public cannot see what you post here. Only registered WGW VIP Members can view your content.

Conversation Corner Forum

The Conversation Corner

This is where you make connections. 

Imagine a sacred area in the heart of the virtual forest with a glowing fire at the centre. The grove is ringed with tall, strong, ancient trees. It’s alive with an abundance of animal, bird and insect life.

Here you can pull up a cosy seat or a soft cushion and settle down in the warmth of the fire to connect with others. Here you can chat about your life or ask for support. This is where you can get to know your travel companions and find your kindred souls.

There are no specific ‘topics’ for discussion here. Allow your heart to guide you.

Get Involved