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I’m sure you’ll find many excellent resources here to support you on your Spiritual Adventure.
Before you dive in let me explain how it all works so you can get the most out of it.

You’ll find a big range of different resources, videos, audios, articles, quizzes, workbooks, artwork, meditations, quotes, short courses, practical exercises and much more. You’ll even find recipes!

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How it works

After joining WGW VIP Membership, you’ll get access to a fresh new bundle in addition to the extra content that drops in every week. Plus you’ll still have access to all the previous content as well so you can go back to anything you didn’t get to or you’d like to revisit.

There are no beginner or advanced levels in WGW Membership. Every bundle of content as well as the weekly posts contains a mixture of content suitable for those just starting out on their Journey and also those further along their Spiritual Adventure. There aren’t ‘beginners levels’ and ‘advanced levels’ – they’re all “everyone levels”.

Work with whatever is right for you at this time. You can always come back later to anything you missed, or that wasn’t right for you right now.

And be sure to login and discover what’s new every week.

Check out the Daily Inspiration Feed where you’ll find details of any live calls with Catherine and our amazing Contributors, tips about what’s happening in the portal and of course inspirational messages.


All the content is spread across these Categories.

Check out each category even if it doesn’t feel like your thing. You never know which will hold the lessons you need at this moment of time.

Some Categories have more content than others but this will constantly change as NEW things are added every week. So don’t feel overwhelmed about doing it all at once. Do whatever feels right at this moment and come back later to dive into the content you missed. You’ll continue to have access to all the content as long as you remain a member.


Pace yourself so you can delve in deep and then take action to bring the teachings into your life. That way you’ll get the most out of your Membership. Information on its own is a dead weight until you take action to ground it into your life.

Work with each new piece of content until you have made it a part of your life and mystical practice.

Doorway To The Inner Sanctuary

This includes anything to assist your engagement with your Higher Self such as grounding, breathwork, meditation etc

The Mystic’s Tool Kit

Practicing for deepening mystical awareness; reclaiming our power; mindfulness; stillness & peace; cutting ties, ritual, connection to the Earth, etc


Anything related to the home; natural products; feng shui; altars, smudging; plants etc


Happiness, bliss, whatever contributes to creating life’s magical moments


Nurturing practices; boundaries; self-love; etc


The seasons; Lunar lore (full moon/new moon); astrology; Solstice and Equinox;


Natural health; nutrition; sleep; dealing with stress; all things holistic health related


Reprogramming limiting thoughts and old beliefs; courage; perception and perspective; etc.


Creativity; ‘how-to’s’; artwork downloads; practical things; recipes, crafts, art; anything that develops our inner creative self etc.


Symbols; stories; crystals; random content; surprises etc


Inspiration; what’s on; updates about ‘Lives’ & other events; tips. Check in here every time you visit


Recognising, strengthening and developing intuition and everything related


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All content posted by you in The Forum at WGW VIP Membership is private and can be viewed only by registered members. None of the content in Membership is indexed by, or searchable through any search engine. The general public cannot see what you post here. Only registered WGW members can view anything you post!

How To Show Up

Whilst this isn’t a face-to-face experience, it is still an energetic circle. It is a place to play, to share, to grow, to learn, and to have fun. It is also a sacred space – a place to experience deep connection with other Spiritual Adventurers, ourselves and with Spirit.

As with all sacred spaces, please attend VIP Membership with clear energy. This means – please do not take drugs or alcohol before jumping on board and engaging with others. Drugs and alcohol cloud our energetic field and muddy our ability to engage with Divine Guidance. They shift and throw your energy off-balance, leaving you ungrounded. Please respect the energy of the VIP Membership community by coming with clear energy.

Things Will Change

WGW VIP Membership will change. This community is a reflection of an evolving and transforming world, so it too will evolve and transform. Forums will open and close as needed. Resources will be added or removed as needed and as our world changes. We may need to clear away some old content as this happens in order to nurture new seeds into growth.


For many Spiritual Adventurers their journey can get pretty lonely. They often don’t know anyone else who is also on the same path to share their insights, discoveries and growth with.  Journeys are always much richer, more rewarding and fun when they’re shared with fellow travelers, and within this community you’ll find other like-minded souls who are also looking for their travel companions.

The place to meet up is in The Forum.  The Discussion Area is a place for sharing ideas and experiences. It’s THE PLACE to ask questions and explore ideas and practices.   And it’s also the place where you can give back to others. We all have wisdom to share.

Often we hold back from sharing our wisdom because we feel somehow inadequate, that we’re ‘amateurs’ when we compare ourselves to others. We believe they are wiser, more spiritual, or better than we are in some way. I know. I’ve done this – more than once!



The Conversation Corner

This is where you make connections. Imagine a sacred area in the heart of the virtual forest with a wonderful glowing fire at its centre. The grove is ringed with tall, strong, ancient trees. It’s alive with an abundance of animal, bird and insect life.
Here you can pull up a cosy seat or a soft cushion and settle down in the flickering warmth of the fire to connect with others. Here you can chat about your life or ask for support. This is where you get to know your travel companions and find your kindred souls.
There are no specific ‘topics’ for discussion here, it’s all about connection.


It’s time for you to get started.

Dive in, explore and
have fun.

Start my journey