Membership Guidelines & Rules

Membership Renewals

Your membership is a recurring one. This means that every month after you sign up for WGW Memberships or every three months for VIP Memberships you will be automatically charged for another one month or three months access.

Your bonus as a continuing member is that when the membership subscription price increases later, you will continue to be charged the same amount as when you joined provided you do not cancel your account.

If you decide you do not wish to continue your membership, follow the directions below to cancel your recurring membership before it is due to renew. Please note the renewal date is set for Australian time and therefore may occur one day before the date in your location.

To cancel your recurring membership:

If you have any other questions about your account or billing just email us at

If you have enquiries: To ensure that we’re able to locate your account information, answer your questions, and respond promptly to your requests, please provide us:

  • your full name
  • the name associated with the credit card or PayPal account you used to create your membership,
  • the email address associated with the PayPal account used to create your membership (if applicable), and
  • your name & email address that you use in the VIP Membership Portal

To cancel your subscription or find out when your subscription is going to automatically renew, please login to your Account page and navigate to the Subscriptions tab where you will see an expiration date for your subscription and a Cancel option. The expiration date listed there is the date your subscription will renew. Click on the Cancel option to cancel your membership at the end of your billing period.

If you paid through your PayPal account you will be able to cancel automatic billing by following these instructions

There are no refunds for Woman Get Wise VIP Memberships

Please note:

If you cancel your recurring membership and decide to renew later you will not be able to rejoin at the original price you paid for it. Renewing Membership prices are locked in for the life of that membership. As long as it keeps renewing it stays at the same price. But if you cancel and come back you’ll need to sign up at the current price.

Be a kind and respectful community member

The Woman Get Wise VIP Community is an authentic and respectful space where members can grow and we strive to empower all our members.

 When you engage in forums, classes, groups or webinars please be mindful of this.

 We do not tolerate harassment, derogatory comments or slurs of any kind.

 Abusive or disrespectful behaviour towards anyone else is not tolerated.

 If you have any concerns or questions please contact


If you are asked to leave membership for any reason no refund will be given.