Realign With Source Energy By Grounding


Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you take off your shoes to walk barefoot?  After reading up on grounding or barefoot walking I decided to ditch my shoes more often. This radical health practice is quickly gaining momentum as word about its benefits spreads. Its impact can be quite significant and yet it’s incredibly simple to do, costs nothing, is always available and feels great.


barefoot grounding


Grounding is simply walking barefoot; grounding your body to the Earth. Connecting yourself to the energies of the earth helps bring you back into alignment. Sometimes this practice is called earthing.

Apparently there’s a scientific explanation for that “feel-good-feeling”. Research into the practice of Grounding has found it can significantly improve all sorts of health problems. Those who use the practice on a regular basis report great results. I’m am certainly finding I have less aches and pains when I walk round without shoes than when I leave them on.



Grounding Benefits For Health


These are health issues where Grounding can help:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve your sleep
  • Decrease muscular inflammation and stiffness as well as other chronic pain
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve circulation
  • Prevent free-radical damage and associated premature ageing and even
  • Heal injuries faster

But perhaps more importantly Barefoot Grounding brings you back into a state of equilibrium where your body is best able to heal itself. When your energetic body has been thrown out of sync by the electromagnetic influences in our environment grounding rebalances it.

It all has to do with electrical fields.



Connect to Earth Energies By Grounding


So many everyday items pump electro-magnetic waves (EMFs) into the air that we’re constantly immersed in a field of harmful positive ions. Mobile phones, computers, wireless technology, huge numbers of electrical appliances, and even compact fluorescent lights all contribute. Our houses, workplaces, schools and even outdoors spaces are full of electro-pollution. And the positive ions they produce contribute to ill health and scramble our energies.

Electrical stress contributes significantly to many health problems and there’s even a new chronic illness named for the effects of electropollution. But you can reduce the impact of electropollution by surrounding yourself with the balancing effect of negative ions. Simply being in places where negative ions are in abundance like waterfalls, the beach or thunderstorms is enough to realign.


Positive Ions and Grounding

The Earth’s surface conducts electrically and there’s a permanent supply of concentrated free electrons sitting just above the surface. On the Earth’s surface the charge is negative and anything that’s close to the surface also carries that same charge.

This means there’s an abundance of the beneficial negative ions on the earth’s surface. Free electrons that transfer from the earth to your body are one of the most potent antioxidants available and can dramatically improve your health.

When your bare feet are in contact with the earth these negative ions pass through your skin and into you as well as into your auric field. But many substances including plastics and rubber block them. They can’t pass through rubber and synthetic shoe soles. So we can’t receive healing when we have on shoes unless they’re leather.

Grounding helps prevent a build-up of harmful electrons in your body and promotes a discharge of the positive ions from your body into the earth. Simultaneously you receive a flood of beneficial free electrons from the earth which immediately ‘re-balances’ you.


The Simple Explanation Of Grounding

In case you’re lost after that explanation, simply standing on the earth rebalances the electromagnetic field of your body, helping to realign your energies and strengthen your immune system. This is why you feel so good when you walk outside barefoot.


waterfalls are one of the best places for grounding yourself



 How To Ground Yourself


  • Remove your shoes and walk barefoot on grass, beach, bare earth, or even concrete when it’s laid directly on the earth (but not if it’s painted or sealed) whenever you can
  • Walk around on the earth for about thirty minutes to gain the benefit
  • Swim in lakes, rivers, or the sea
  • Wear shoes with leather soles
  • Purchase and use one of the indoor grounding mats or an earthing bed sheet.

Right in the centre of your foot there’s a point on the energy meridian which is a particularly potent conductor of energy. This point connects with all the other meridians in your body, so energy entering here immediately spreads right through every cell. Connecting with earth energies through this point on your foot delivers a super-dose of healing throughout your whole body.



Best Grounding Surfaces


The best place for grounding is on the beach near the water. Other great locations to ground yourself are on grass, especially wet grass. Rock, bare earth or any other natural surface is also good. Surpisingly, concrete is also a good surface to walk barefoot provided it’s unsealed or unpainted. So walking along a footpath is fine if you’re in the city.

Asphalt, wood and plastics or rubber in your shoe soles don’t allow connection with the earth.





Our lives have changed dramatically over the last few hundred years. For most of our existence humans went barefoot and often slept directly on the ground. They received constant healing from the earth to align and balance.

Grounding or barefoot walking is good any time but becomes especially important if you live or work in high rise buildings where you’re not in touch with the earth.

Remember though, Grounding isn’t a substitute for medical treatment and if you have a medical condition you need to consult your healthcare provider.

However grounding IS a wonderful way to rebalance and realign your energetic field.


connect to source energy by grounding




All information and opinions presented here are for information only and are not intended as a substitute for professional advice offered during a consultation. Please consult with your health care provider before trying any of the treatment suggested on this site. 

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