What does the WGW Community Free- Trial include?

The WGW Community FreeTrial allows you to access (blogs, forums, wikis, media galleries, ideas, etc.) as you want and you can invite others to join too.

What is not included?

For simplicity, The WGW Community Free Trial does not provide trial users full access to the community access and forums.

Can I get a full trial of WGW Community?

No.  Full WGW Community Access is $33 a quarter. That’s just $11 a month. For the cost of just two coffees a month you will find the tools you’re seeking to support you on your journey towards profound wellness in mind, body and soul.  

Can I invite friends and co-workers to my free trial?

Yes, just go to the members page of your trial and you can invite other people.

What happens at the end of the trial?

Unless we hear from you, or sign up for membership, the trial is removed.