Today I was asked “Is it really necessary to heal the stuff from your past to move forward in your business?”  The answer is yes, just as it is if we wish to move forward in any aspect of our life. The ‘stuff’ from our past forms our core beliefs and in turn leads to our habits. In order to move forward it is essential to shift core beliefs, otherwise we get locked down in fear and stagnation.


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This ‘stuff’ may have to do with relationships, money, health, career, self-care, family of origin, weight or any other area of our life. Stuff arises from beliefs we form in our childhood. Our beliefs or stories result from our experiences or what we were told by parents, teachers, peers, society, the church.

For instance, if our parents frequently fight about money we may grow up with a subconscious belief that money is bad. As a small child we have no real concept of money. But we come to associate money with unhappiness because whenever our parents fought about it we felt fearful and unhappy. As an adult we adopt behaviours that reinforce the relationship with money based on the belief we formed as a small child.

This underlying emotion and the belief that money is a bad thing can result in a whole range of different behaviours about how you interact with money. You may develop a ‘poverty mentality’ where no matter how much you have you always feel poor. Or you subconsciously sabotage your own success because nobody trusts wealthy people. Perhaps you only value money earned with lots of ‘blood, sweat and tears’ and devalue money inherited or won. There are many, many more attitudes and habits that can arise surrounding money.

In a similar way you also form beliefs about all the areas of your life. If you’re always told “don’t be greedy” when you ask for anything when a child you may find it difficult to attend to your self-care as an adult. Relationships may be difficult if you constantly heard someone significant to you ridiculing either men or women. Children lack the filters to separate themselves from the influence of those in authority.



A Tangled Web


We form beliefs about every aspect of our life. But they are usually stronger in one or two areas of life. A very successful person with huge earning capacity may have big issues with weight or relationships. The blocks they have around money, career and being seen in the world are low. But the ones they have around their self-image may be very powerful.

When we have blocks in a number of different areas they intermingle and serve to support each other. The block you have surrounding career success may reinforce the one about wealth. The wealth block may keep your health in check. In turn health blocks may then influence your career habits. Although there are separate beliefs that underpin each they all serve to strenghen the others.

This interweaving means it can be very difficult to shift just one belief or blocks. In fact, to change any, all of them need to shift.


change your core beliefs



Change Your Stories


When you really examine the underlying beliefs they seem questionable at best, and sometimes completely crazy. However, because they’re rooted so deeply within and reinforce each other they can be very difficult to shift. Trying to simply think them away doesn’t work.

Deep beliefs can be shifted. But because they’re located within the subconscious it must be done at that level. As they are interconnected it’s likely you’ll fall back into your old patterns if they are not all addressed together.

Shifting beliefs is an ongoing process. However the good news is that even just becoming aware of the stories and beliefs without also getting sucked into the associated emotions begins the process. Once started it continues to unfold over time as long as you stay aware and observant the process continues.

Our blocks are all connected. Therefore any beliefs and habits we carry that have come from outside the self keep us stuck in a cycle dictated by fear. When we shift any of the stuff from our past (that creates beliefs and habits) everything else shifts as well. So shifting relationship stuff from the past supports us to move forward in our business, and in all other parts of our life.



Shift Your Core Beliefs


I find ritual is an excellent way to release these blocks and patterns because it engages with all levels of mind – the superconscious, subconscious and conscious.

These blocks and patterns aren’t conscious, but are instead a subconscious program. Therefore they can’t be effectively shifted from the conscious mind through practices like affirmations or by ‘vibrating high’. They need to be shifted at the subconscious level.

Through ritual we are able to simultaneously access and utilise all three levels of mind. We can use the power of intention which resides in the conscious mind to break apart beliefs held in the subconscious. Creating and enacting ritual is powerful because it doesn’t rely on what someone else does for you. It allows you to step up, own your power and take control of your life. It opens the door for you to become a Sovereign Being.

By accessing all levels of mind through ritual we strengthen our engagement with the divine (Source energy, Higher Self, God or Goddess, the Universe or any other) which provides new opportunities for change and growth.

But don’t wait until you’re reached a point where you’re desperate for change before you begin the process. Step outside the emotion now and observe what’s really going on. You’ll be amazed at what you begin to notice both within and around you. And your blocks will begin to shift. When you continue to practice this process you continue to release the core beliefs that restrict you.

If you would like support with releasing core beliefs please contact me.


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