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Change Your Money Mindset And Beliefs

  While we tend to think of wealth and poverty as being totally different to each other, they actually share a very close bond. Poverty and wealth are really just two polarising points of the same thought form of “money”. In an attempt to manifest wealth and draw...

5 Helpful Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep 

  Do you have trouble dropping off to sleep? Or maybe you drop off fine but wake later and can't get back to sleep again.   These tips should help you get a great night's sleep.     1. Keep Healthy   ✦ Exercise regularly.  Exercising for at...

Daily Inspiration

New Moon In Libra

  Today’s New Moon in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, invites us to explore the true nature of our relationships and whether they are...

Self Care During Dark Moon

  How do you practice self-care during the Dark Moon phase?   Here are a few suggestions.   ❈  Avoid cooking, instead eat leftovers,...

Push Through Challenges With Grounding

  When we face times of transition – such as divorce, retrenchment or retirement, menopause or perimenopause, our kids leaving home – it can...

Equinox – Revisited

  Here in the Southern Hemisphere today is the actual Spring Equinox.  So although it’s normal to celebrate it on the 21st, two days ago, I...

Equinox: A Time Of Balance

  Equinox is a powerful portal into higher consciousness. It is all about balance, a time of equal day and equal night, the balance of light...


  Spring is the time of new beginnings;  summer is the time of growth and action;  autumn is the time of harvest and reckoning;  winter is the...

Life Is Short

  You don’t have to be what other people want you to be.  You don’t have to be interesting or agreeable or entertaining.  You don’t have to...

Do You Procrastinate?

  Making a decision can be extremely difficult for perfectionists. Susie Welch wrote a book called 10.10.10 which is a proven strategy that...


  With spring here we're in the middle of hay fever season and you may already be suffering.  In my alternative health clinic I regularly...

Right Relationship With Food

  Do you fear food?  Does just looking at food make you feel like you are gaining weight?  Are you too busy, too stressed, too involved with...

Featured Contributor

Catherine Bullard

Founder, Woman Get Wise
and Nadurra Wellness

Pick of the Week

A Self-Love Manifesto

A Self-Love Manifesto

  self-love:    (self-ˈləv)  a, an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue; proper regard for and attention to one's own happiness or well-being manifesto:   (mænɪˈfɛstəʊ)  n, a written public declaration of intentions, opinions, or purposes of its issue  ...


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Doorway to the Inner Sanctuary

Practices and processes to deepen engagement with your Higher Self such as grounding, breathwork, meditation

Doorway to your I

The Mystic's Toolkit

Refine mystical awareness; reclaim your power; mindfulness; stillness & peace; cutting ties, ritual, connection to the Earth

Think in Cosmic Conciousness

Reprogramming limiting thoughts and old beliefs; courage; perception and perspective

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Trust Intuition

Recognising, strengthening and developing intuition and everything related

Doorway to your I

Natural Cycles

The seasons; Lunar lore (full moon/new moon); astrology; numerology; Solstice and Equinox

Doorway to your I

Holistic Health And Wellness

Natural health; nutrition; sleep; dealing with stress; all things holistic health related