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Do you have big plans?


Perhaps you have a vision of how you can make big change in the world?


Are you bursting with the desire to realise your vision?


Work with me to bring your gifts forward to create your dream.




woman get wise work with Catherine

I Work With Women Who:


 Love taking responsibility for all their own baggage

  Are willing to examine their hidden side in order to find wholeness

  Have a desperate need to make a difference and fulfill their soul purpose

  Feel excited about investing time to to connect with inner wisdom for transformation

  Are willing to explore and discover the values that underlie their dreams

  Hunger to reclaim their true self through connection to Source

  Feel passionate about pursuing spiritual transformation and growth

  Are committed to seeing it through no matter how difficult the shadow aspects become

  Ache to change things fast and are bursting to get started

woman get wise work with me



Work with me individually either face-to-face or on Skype.


Free Introductory Session


  • You’ll achieve your goal much faster and easier if we’re a great match.
  • Let’s discover how we mesh in a free introductory session.
  • Contact me to arrange your free face-to-face 30 minute session where we will do the groundwork and set a plan.

Single Sessions


  • Perfect when you want clear guidance for one small issue
  • Great if you prefer to schedule and pay as you go.
  • One session lasts fifty minutes
  • Cost is $100


Multi Sessions Package


  • Six sessions of sixty minutes each
  • Cost:  $530
  • Each session costs $90. You SAVE 10%
  • Six session packs must be used within three months


Or book your Transformation Coaching Session by phone

Call Catherine on 0429 140 181